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The Unbelievable Arc is the fifth arc of the Undead Unluck manga series.


Apocalypse opens up and begins to announce the next set of quests, which have the 100th penalty at stake. He reveals that for these quests in particular, everyone on Earth will have the right to participate, something Billy takes quite the interest in. There are four quests in total, all of which involve battling UMA that represent the four seasons; The neutralization UMAs Spring, Summer, and Winter will reward them the location of the artifact Aegis, the location the new Unchange negator, and the location of the artifact Remember respectively. Meanwhile, the capture UMA Autumn will reward them the addition of UMA Ghost. If all quests are not fulfilled by December 31st, the penalty will be the addition of UMA Revolution.

The Union begin to discus their plan of attack before Billy asks if he can have the floor for a second. He argues that since the 100th penalty is at stake, the quests will likely be very difficult and they shouldn't risk losing more members so close to the 101st penalty. Since three out of the four simply need to be neutralized, he suggests a simple plan to minimize risks: drop a few nukes on them. The suggestion catches the whole group off guard, with Tatiana confusedly noting that doing so would result in many innocent people losing their lives. Billy, unfazed, simply responds that while that is true, it would be the only thing the Union would lose, bringing Tatiana to a shocked pause.

Billy rises from his seat, claiming that Juiz is too naïve to kill God, no matter who many "repeat attempts" she has. He then begins to fire his guns wildly into the air while shouting that none of the other Union members can can kill God themselves either. Most of the Union are able to avoid the bullets, and once they have all hit their mark Andy and Shen quickly corner Billy in his seat. He asks Juiz is if this is this first time she's been in this situation before the rooms attention turns to Top, who is screaming Isshin's name in horror. One of Billy's bullets managed to slip through Isshin's armor and hit him in the neck, a fact that Billy takes pride in. Enraged, Top rushes over to Billy and delivers a high-speed neck-snapping kick, killing Billy instantly much to Tatiana's despair. However, Billy somehow survives and quickly hops onto the roundtable while monologuing that as negators forced to fight for the world at large, they should be able to sacrifice the lives of the masses to achieve their goal, "Otherwise, it would be rather... unfair." As he's talking, a giant hand of fire bursts from under the table and begins to lift it up of the ground while Billy is still atop it. The hand belongs to UMA Burn, who carries the table and Billy into the ceiling as Billy claims that it is now Under's property and that he will be the one to kill God.

Rip, who is riding atop Burn's head with Latla, greets Fuuko and Andy as Burn rises away, causing Andy to conclude that Billy is indeed a member of Under. Tatiana angrily shouts that the Billy before them must be a fake since the real Billy's ability is Unbelievable, which simply makes gun shots hit their mark so long as he fires away from his target, while this Billy seems to have a healing power of some kind. Chikara, overwhelmed by Burn's appearance, runs away in fear causing Rip to rejoice since Chikara is who got him killed last time. He's calls Billy boss, making Tatiana's heart sink and setting Top off once again. He uses his ability, Unstoppable, to bounce around the room before launching himself toward Billy, only for Billy to in turn launch himself out of the way and send Top crashing into the ground below.

Juiz, Andy, and Shen make their way onto the roundtable and prepare to attack Billy, only to be brought to a halt when Billy seemingly uses Unjustice one them to their shock. The trio are then swatted of the table by Burn, who then places his hand down to ground in front of Tatiana. Billy requests that she join him as thanks for him saving he life. When Tatiana doesn't answer and Fuuko shoots at him enraged, he claims that they are now enemies and orders Burn to continue his assent. Juiz, injured due to Billy's sue of Unjustice, begs for Andy and Fuuko to retrieve the table by any means.

Juiz rallies the rest of the Union together, sending Shen and Phil to protect the Union's artifacts, requesting Nico treat Isshin and Top's injuries, requesting Mico and the rest of Nico's assistant's help in stopping burn, and assigning Chikara the job of using Unmove to stop her bleeding. Meanwhile, Fuuko comforts the grieving Tatiana before she and Andy shoot off after Billy. As they approach UMA Burn, they resolve to talk things out with Billy and understand why he formed his own organization to achieve the same goal as the Union, though Andy also claims they need to give him a knuckle sandwich first for making Tatiana cry.

When they reach the table, Billy activates Unjustice on Fuuko, which seemingly forces her to attempt to decapitate herself with Andy's sword. Andy blocks the blade with his own neck, decapitating himself in the process, allowing Fuuko to kiss him on the cheek and toss his severed head into Burn's mouth. Various machinery around Burn begin to activate and then freeze Burn in place, though an unfazed Billy notes that this will not stop Burn for long. In response, Fuuko claims that her Unluck isn't over yet, and she's proven right when a giant pillar fired by the Union scientists is suddenly driven through Burn's chest, pushing Andy out of the beast and halting it further.

Andy runs down the pillar and delivers a neck snapping punch to Billy as penalty for making Tatiana cry, though Billy heals from the wound quickly and returns the favor by using Unstoppable to kick Andy off the roundtable and and Unjustice to force Fuuko off it as well. As they fall, Andy makes note of Billy's strange ability to copy others' negations, while Burn meanwhile removes the pillar from his chest to continue his assent. As the two plummet, Andy and Fuuko are soon caught by Tatiana as she makes her way to the roundtable herself. As she flies up, Juiz asks her over the radio if she still has feelings for Billy, claiming that their operation hinges on her answer.

Burn finally reaches the surface, bursting from beneath Stonehenge to escape, as Taiana arrives at the roundtable herself. She pleads Billy for an explanation as to why he betrayed them, but he simply responds that the world will always be unfair and that she means nothing to him. He then activates Unjustice, but since Tatiana does in fact still love Billy even now, the effect simply has her barrier release in an effort to attack him instead of the rest of the Union. The resulting chaos allows Fuuko and Andy to snatch Apocalypse from the table, since the roundtable can only function when the book is also present.

Apocalypse tries to escape Fuuko's grasp by overloading her mind with strange memories of the past, but he is ultimatly unable to escape due to be caught again by Phil, who's Unfeel makes said trick ineffective. Billy claims that he will retrieve the book before the December 31st deadline, while also securing the "Ark" as well in that time. As Billy and the rest of Under retreat with UMA Burn, Juiz calls an impromptu meeting at the sight of the destroyed Stonehenge. There, Andy questions Juiz's lax approach to handling quests despite how close they are to the end, Shen questions how she is so familiar with Victor despite the latter not having surfaced for over 200 years, and Nico questions the existence of the Ark. Juiz responds by revealing a great secret that she's been hiding from the others; the world itself is looping in a cycle of destruction and recreation.

Each time, Juiz attempts to put a stop the loops by creating the Union, and Fuuko realizes her earlier memories from Apocalypses were from those past loops. Juiz explains that she has been using the Ark to experience multiple loops, and uses her personal knowledge of Victor as proof of this. Juiz attempts to kneel before the others to express her apologies at keeping this secret, but they claim it isn't necessary, as they still wish to follow her to stop God no matter what. Isshin quickly crafts a makeshift table out of Stonehenge's broken pieces and the rest of the Union take their seats, awaiting Juiz's orders.

Juiz remarks that they most focus on retrieving the real roundtable and detain Billy in addition to completing the quests. From that end, she assigns Fuuko and Andy a special mission to make their goals more attainable. She reveals that there is supposedly a book that has the secrets of the future and past written into it, and wishes for Fuuko and Andy to investigate its legitimacy. Fuuko questions why she and Andy would be put on such a mission, and Juiz reveals the reason is simple; the book in question is To You, From Me, Fuuko's favorite shojo manga.

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