The Unrepair Arc is the fourth arc of the Undead Unluck manga series.


After jamming Andy's card back into his head, Fuuko is swept away by the ocean water filtering into the crater. She wakes up several days later in the Union's headquarters and finds Andy at her bedside, back to normal. Andy apologizes for not telling Fuuko about his and Shen's plan and thanks her for saving him. The two then head back to the Union's meeting room where Apocalypse reviews the result of the quests. While Shen, Fuuko, and Andy were busy dealing with UMA Spoil, the other member of the organization managed to capture UMA Burn, UMA Eat, and UMA Past, earning them an 11th seat at the roundtable, the location of the Negator Unburn, and the location of the artifact Rebellion. Nico's off-screen neutralization of UMA Language results in the unification of all the world's languages, meaning that all non-Negators now speak English and believe they always have. The capture of UMA Spoil earns them the location of the Negator Unrepair, which excites Fuuko. Unfortunately, the group was unable to capture the Negator Unseen, as they were instead kidnapped by a strange man wearing an eye patch who threatens to kill Unseen unless they join his group.

As a penalty for their failure, Apocalypse releases UMA Galaxy, who flies through the ceiling and into the sky. Juiz summons UMA Move, which Fuuko recognizes as the creature that first warped her Andy to the Union, to warp everyone to the surface. The group appears on the surface in Australia, where they watch as the night sky is suddenly filled with stars and other celestial bodies. Nico connects his brain to that of his non-Negator assistants to quickly learn what new rule has been added. He explains to the others what a "galaxy" is, and how it has brought along with it the concept of days of the week, myths, and, most pressingly, extraterrestrial lifeforms. At that very moment, a fleet of alien ships appears in the sky. The leader of the aliens called the Acks, beams down, and reveals that he plans to enslave the Earth. Juiz approaches him and takes off her helmet. Using her power, Unjustice, which allows her to negate other's sense of justice, she forces the fleet to fire at themselves, putting a swift end to the invasion.

She then reveals to Fuuko and Andy that the Union uncovered a stone tablet long ago that implies that once the world undergoes 101 total penalties, Ragnarök will occur and end the world, with UMA Galaxy's release marking the 99th penalty. She also reveals that Apocalypse won't give them any more quests unless they fill their now-open seat, before realizing that the leader of the Acks is still present. She orders him to leave Earth and warn any other hostile lifeforms in the galaxy that the Earth is off-limits, before sending Andy, Fuuko, and Tatiana to go after Unrepair.

As Andy and Fuuko take a jet to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Andy explains to Fuuko that they're going to infiltrate a mafia-run auction that deals in Negators, artifacts, and UMAs, which is likely where they'll find Unrepair. The two shop for disguises upon arrival, and Fuuko thinks back to a meeting she had with Juiz before leaving, where Juiz explained that she believes that Fuuko may be the key to killing the God on the other side of Apocalypse, but she'll need to spend more time with Andy to strengthen Unluck. After they finish shopping, Andy talks to Fuuko about Victor, saying that he isn't sure that Victor won't return in the future. Fuuko reassures him that if that happens she'll use her power to save him again. Tatiana joins the duo and explains that the auction will begin soon and that they will be infiltrating under the guise as a married couple, much to Fuuko's embarrassment.

Later that night, Fuuko and Andy board the yacht that the auction is being held on. They play the part of a married couple and try to ignore the auctions goers disturbing conversations, with Andy saying that the world's language unification has made it easier to find other Negators. Fuuko questions as to whether it's better to join the Union or be sold into slavery, as both result in intense pain either way, though Andy claims that the Union is the better choice since it allows them to try and fight for a better future. Meanwhile, a commotion occurs on the top deck. The eye-patched man who captured Unseen, named Rip, asks two security guards to let him and his girlfriend, a woman named Latla, stay on the top deck and watch the stars. When they refuse him, Rip kills the two and summons his other companions, Creed and Feng, who board the ship from a giant orca whale named Kain. Tatiana, who was watching the quartet from the side of the ship, warns Fuuko and Andy over the radio about the group. Juiz explains over the radio that the group is unofficially known as the Negator Hunters, a group of Negators who seek revenge against the world.

Fuuko, Andy, and Tatiana all quickly move to find the hunters, who are heading to the cargo hold where the auction items are held. There, a young Negator named Chikara has escaped captivity. He's halted by a guard but is rescued when the hunters show up and kill said guard, with Rip taking an interest in Chikara's ability, Unmove, which allows him to halt anyone he's looking at's movement as long as he stays still himself. Creed pulls out a minigun and tells Chikara to use his ability unless he wants to die, but Chikara is too scared to stay still. Andy arrives in the nick of time and shields Chikara from the bullets, and Rip responds by slicing Andy in the neck with a scalpel. Rip then boasts that due to his ability, Unrepair, the wound will never heal unless Rip dies. He tells them to hand Chikara over so that the hunters can kill him and allow his ability to transfer to someone less cowardly. In response, Fuuko chops off Andy's head and tosses it towards Rip while Andy thanks him for making their decision clear. Andy regenerates his body, shooting his head upward straight into Rip's face, and claims that Rip isn't fit to join the Union.

Tatiana then breaks in through a nearby wall and grabs Feng and Creed, telling Fuuko and Andy she'll handle those two personally, before escaping into another room. Rip slices off Andy's hands, but Andy uses his sword to chop off the nubs and regenerate them back, and then uses "Parts Bullet" to fire the nubs back at Rip. Latla is able to protect him from the shot using her ability, and Rip admits that he's impressed by Andy and Fuuko and even asks them to join his squad. They both decline his offer, though he continues to explain that his group plans to build an army and take over the world anyway. Fuuko argues that it's unfair to blame other people for their hardships when it's really Gods fault, but Rip counters that the hunters are not obliged to help the Union in their endeavor. Rip tosses a knife at Chikara, but Fuuko gets in the way to shield him and take it instead, causing Rip to question her actions before musing that she only has about an hour to live now. Then, after several security guards arrive at the cargo hold, Rip and Latla escape, leaving Andy, Fuuko, and Chikara behind. Chikara thinks back to his mother's dying words, that one day he'll meet people that will be irreplaceable to him, and uses his ability to stop the guards in their tracks. Andy thanks him for the help, and then picks Chikara and Fuuko up so they can all catch and defeat Rip.

A flashback then occurs, back to just after Fuuko and Andy joined the Union. In it, Tatiana challenges Andy to a fight inside Dr. Nico's lab in order to defend Gina's honor, as she believes Andy never understood her true feelings. Andy claims otherwise, though it's not enough to quell Tatiana's rage. As the fight progresses, Andy loses his pants and ends up jumping on top of Tatiana's orb, with his penis right on her eye-camera. This causes Tatiana to become extremely embarrassed and lose control of her ability, which threatens to destroy five whole floors of the Union's base if released. Thankfully, Fuuko is able to calm her down by admitting that she is responsible for Gina's death and promising to make it up to her. Later, Fuuko joins Tatiana in her room and tells her that she hopes they can one day shake hands as normal girls. Back in the present, Tatiana continues her battle with Creed and Feng. Andy radios in and tells her that Fuuko was sliced by Rip, which enrages her. She laments that Fuuko was her first female friend, before turning to the hunters and telling them that she'll pulverize them for hurting someone she cares about, purposely releasing her ability to do so.

Tatiana's ability is Untouchable, which produces an Untouchable barrier from the surface of her hair and skin. Her power first emerged on her fifth birthday, killing her parents in the process. She was then captured by the mafia to be auctioned off but was later rescued by Billy and given a suit to help contain her power. At the time, Billy explained that she might need to unleash her power one day to protect someone she cares about. Tatiana does just that, releasing her barrier, which grows out so large that it splits the yacht in half. Andy, Fuuko, and Chikara are all blasted high into the air, alongside Rip and Latla. The two parties prepare to continue their battle high in the sky.

Andy orders Chikara to use his ability and freeze everyone in midair, exploiting Rip's helplessness by firing a finger bullet at him. Rip notes that the finger seemingly missed, then figures out that Chikara can only negate the movement of objects in his field of vision, which is why Andy could still attack. Chikara blinks his ability off, allowing Andy's finger bullet to curve into Latla's back, but before Chikara can freeze them again, Rip suddenly launches himself even higher into the air, and unveils that his legs are actually an artifact known as "Blade Runner." He kicks down and fires blades from the artifact, which slice Andy in half but also allow him to climb up to Rip's new height. Rip fires even himself higher into the air again, before firing a flurry of blades down onto Andy, which Chikara freezes in the air. Tatiana then appears below everyone and uses her barrier to launch Andy and co. back up to Rip's level.

Andy and Rip fire attacks off that clash in the air, and Andy notices that his attacks are weaker due to him being just a torso. Fuuko then kisses Andy on the cheek while he informs Chikara that a meteor is now headed their way, explaining that they'll need Chikara's power if they want to win. Rip tells them to knock off their chit chat and fires another blade down, which slices off Andy's left arm. He's still able to grab hold of Rip in the air, however, while Fuuko and Chikara land on Tatiana's barrier below. Rip then notices the meteor approaching him, but dismisses it by claiming that Latla's ability will protect him. His belief is proven correct when the meteor suddenly curves away from them while still hitting Andy, launching him even higher into the sky and farther away from the others. While in the air, Andy begins to charge up his "Crimson Bullet," a powerful attack that dulls his regeneration after usage, and takes aim at Rip, hoping the distance will keep Latla's ability from activating.

Closer to the ocean, Rip gloats that their attempts to defeat him are worthless, as they're ultimately just another "healing technique" that he can negate with his power. He launches himself toward Chikara and Fuuko to finish them off, but is once again frozen by Unmove. Chikara boasts the Rip fell for the trap, pointing out that the angle Rip attacked them at is one the blocks Andy from Chikara's view. Rip is then blasted straight through the chest from behind by Andy's Crimson Bullet. Rip then realizes that everyone was working in the interest of saving each other, not just themselves, which is why they were able to beat him despite his power. He smiles to himself, impressed, before falling unconscious.

Latla quickly summons Kain to rescue them, and the large whale appears to whisk the duo away. Before they leave, Fuuko loudly questions them about what they want. Latla disgustedly tells her that Fuuko can ask Rip later, promising that Rip will surely not die today before leaving on Kain with Rip's body in tow. Fuuko wonders what Latla meant, but Andy, who has landed back into the water, assures her that Rip has died since he can feel his body begin to regenerate again. He thanks everyone for their help, and Fuuko invites Chikara to join the Union. They give him a week to decide, with Andy and Tatiana agreeing not to tell Juiz about him unless he agrees.

A week later, Andy and Fuuko wait outside Chikara's school to hear his answer. They admit to each other that it's fine if he doesn't show, since the job is dangerous and he'd need to be fully okay with the idea if he'd want to survive joining. As they wait, the duo are suddenly greeted by Rip, who now has the appearance of a child. He explains that while he did die, he was able to come back, though he doesn't get a chance to explain further due to Andy punching him square in the face. Rip apologies for hurting Fuuko and offers her an artifact gun, which grants Fuuko a horrifying vision of after she touches it. Rip explains that beating that god would be impossible, so he and his group plan to take over the world before God destroys it. Andy points out that their rule would be short lived, but Rip retorts that, unlike the Union, his group plans to go to the next level.

Just then, Fuuko and Andy receive warnings over their intercoms, revealing that various Union roundtable members are engaging in battle against Negator Hunters across the world. Rip then reveals that his group's true name is Under, and they plan to turn the world upside down in 3 months time. He offers Andy and Fuuko a spot on the team again, but they decline once more, claiming that they'll surely kill God themselves. Rip snickers and wishes them luck in response before shooting away, leaving the duo to greet Chikara as he approaches them, put off by the Andy inviting him to kill God as he realizes that he didn't exactly understand what he was getting himself into.

Chikara, frightened by Andy's invitation to kill god, then runs back toward the school but is quickly caught by Andy anyway. Noticing Fuuko's interest in the school, Andy asks Chikara to take them to an empty classroom where they can talk. There, Andy reveals that the world will end in either April if the Union keeps up their losing streak, or January if the 100th penalty is enough to end it early. In response, Chikara explains that he has two thing he needs to do, live and atone. He reveals that he caused his parent's death when he was in middle school by accidentally freezing them in the middle of the road. As a result, Chikara decided he needed to live a long life to make up for his mistake. However, Fuuko and Andy showed him that he could use his power to help others. He apologizes for running away before and confirms that he want's to join the Union in order to make amends with his past actions.

Ryo, Chikara's school friend, then enters the class room to talk with Chikara about college. Chikara congratulates Ryo for getting a scholarship before he hops on Andy's back and the trio make their leave, expressing a desire to graduate with Ryo after god is killed. Ryo tries to follow after, thinking that Chikara is being kidnapped, but Nico erases his memories of Chikara at Chikara's request, halting his pursuit. As they ride back to the Union headquarters, Fuuko asks Andy to teach her how to fight so she can help beat god and allow Chikara and Ryo to reunite. Chikara joins the Union on September 16, and he and Fuuko are put under a special training regiment per their request. Time passes, and on December 1st, the Union roundtable assembles as the next set of quests open up.

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